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"Gardner sails through the piece's wordless, meditative vocal cascades with power and grace. "

- Matthew Murphy,

Heather Gardner is "a spirited soprano with an exceptionally pure voice."

- Tom Purdom,

Heather Gardner is a soprano living, working and teaching in the Philadelphia and New York City areas.  She specializes in singing 20th and 21st century works though she is equally comfortable singing Brahms, Mozart or Bach.  She holds a Master’s degree in vocal performance from Rutgers University and a Bachelor’s degree in viola performance from the Eastman School of Music, where she also studied violin and voice.  She has performed extensively with a variety of groups, including Alarm Will Sound, The Albany Symphony Orchestra, SFSound, the Dogs of Desire, the San Francisco Ballet Orchestra, the Society for Ancient Instruments, and Z-ensemble.


As a violist, Heather has held positions with the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra and the Fresno Philharmonic Orchestra and has freelanced extensively both in California and New York State.


Heather’s current projects include producing and performing a touring recital of vocal music by Brahms, Stravinsky, Kapralova, Wadsworth and Saariaho as well as starting a new music series in Fresno called Proxima which will have its debut concert in February, 2019 featuring music by Ivanova, Froelich, Zohn-Muldoon and Clearfield.


Heather is also an AmSAT certified instructor of the Alexander Technique and maintains a teaching studio in New York City and Philadelphia where she teaches voice and Alexander Technique lessons.

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